Welcome to US K1-Visa.com. This website offers general information about the K1 Visa process, also known as a Fiancee Visa. If you have met your love interest abroad, and you would like for he/she to join you in the USA for marriage, the K-1 visa in most cases will be the best method of getting your foreign fiancée to the United States. Depending on the current USCIS processing times, the process usually takes between 7-9 months from start to finish. If you have already married your spouse abroad, then you will not qualify for a K-1 visa, and you must then apply for a spousal visa.

If your fiancée has children under the age of 21, each child that wishes to immigrate with the parent to the USA may be included in the application as well. These children are considered K2 dependants. If any children included in the application celebrate their 21st

birthday at any time before they interview at the U.S. Embassy in the country where your fiancée resides, they will no longer be eligible for visa approval. After your foreign fiancee arrives in the USA, you must then marry within 90 days of his, or her arrival. After marriage, you must then apply for their Adjustment of Status.

The K1 visa process can be a difficult and stressful experience. Many people who have never had any experience dealing with government agencies have no idea of how things work. In the private sector, we get anything we want almost instantly. If we feel like something that we want is taking too long to obtain, we call up and speak to a manager in charge and demand that they do whatever they can to get what we ordered expedited. Usually the manager will do anything possible that he or she can do to make you happy. They want your return business. This is not the case when dealing with the USCIS. They have no competition, and they do not care about your future business with them. There are no other “companies” where you can go as an alternative to file your Fiancee Visa application.

So, the lesson to be learned here is that you must be patient, and wait for the USCIS to do their thing and eventually approve, or deny your application when they review the documents that you submitted to them.

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